Thursday, January 14, 2010

So much to blog about, so little time!

I've got this much figured out- I'm not a good blogger. There. Said. I want to blog, I think about blogging, and then I feel guilty about even thinking about blogging when I know I have a gazillion other things to be doing.... like cleaning off the island. :| Ugh.

In 2010 I hope to get my act together enough to be able to blog more regularly & not feel guilty about it. In other words- I need to be more responsible with my responsibilities as a homemaker so that I can blog and not feel guilty about it. Seems like an impossible task right now, but I've got my sights set.

Now, however, I sit in sweet, blissful silence. Alone. In a plush hotel room in Dallas. That I'm not paying for. And I just said goodnight to my babies over the phone. And I can blog to my hearts content!

I was just treated to an amazing concert by Mandisa- WoW! Tomorrow I'm looking forward to spending a full day with a couple thousand Women of Faith Group Leaders from all across the country. Women of Faith has flown us all here to Dallas for a Group Leader Training Conference.
Hopefully I'll have another opportunity to blog all about it before I return home to my messy island!

True confessions: On the Group Leader registration site we had to take this test and submit our answers to WOF. Marcus Buckingham is here and I believe we will get to hear him tomorrow. He will be referencing the results of all of our tests. Well, the test gives you your "lead role" and your "supporting role"... but I kinda thought that my "supporting role" sounded more ... "me-ish" ... so when I submitted my answers to WOF I switched them around. So this evening I'm sitting next to a lady and we're talking about this test ... and she says that she thought it was interesting that her "supporting role" was more "her-ish" than her lead role. And I went ... uh oh. Maybe it's supposed to be like that! And I reversed my answers. Whooops.

Well, I know it wasn't much. But it was a blog post. :) Progress. Maybe tomorrow I'll have something better....... maybe.

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