Friday, January 29, 2010

The CHAMPION of upright vacuum cleaners!

Ten years ago I began my quest.

It began in Denver, at the home of a family that my best friend nannied for. They also had a housekeeper. I asked her (the housekeeper) what vacuum she recommended. She didn't hesitate. A Bissell. Hands down... don't even look at anything else.

So I bought a Bissell. It worked good at first, but after a few months it lost suction and its performance plummeted.

Some good friends of ours recommended a Hoover Windtunnel (bagless) - saying they had never had a vacuum they liked so well. So we got one of those. After 6 months or so of taking it in for service every month the service technician asked me why I was wasting my time with it. I, of course, had no idea... but he asked me if he could show me something. I obliged him.

He stood my vacuum beside a floor model of a Simplicity. He plugged mine in and had me feel the suction on the end of the hose. Then he did likewise with the Simplicity. There was no comparison. The Simplicity blew the Hoover out the door! I walked out that day with a Simplicity vacuum & never looked back. It was by and far the best vacuum cleaner I had ever used.

But along the way, other vacuum cleaners started looking more interesting. Some other good friends of ours bought an Oreck and swore there was not a vacuum that could out-suck it. I, of course, didn't bat an eyelash at this possibility, knowing that my Simplicity was still the best vacuum around! But my husband's curiosity got the best of him and he bought one. I learned that the Oreck worked really well on my hard floors, but for my carpet, it just couldn't beat the Simplicity.

Then, a little over a year ago, a friend told me she got a Dyson. Oh how she sung its praises! She spoke of its sleek design, colorful parts, handy hose, ... and I succumbed. I bought the Animal. It was sooooo pretty! And the hose .... wow. I reallllly liked the hose!


After using the Dyson and the Simplicity side by side for over a year, I still found myself going for the Simplicity. The suction was a toss-up. But the Dyson was a little too short... and the hose (as handy as I originally thought it was) was kind of a pain to use b/c you had to unravel the entire power cord to be able to use it. Ya know, sometimes you need the hose for something quick and you don't really want to unravel the entire power cord. It was little things that kept bringing me back to the Simplicity. If there is ever a problem with the Simplicity, it has an indicator light. And if that light comes on you know you need to look at it. And it was incredibly easy to work on! I could do it myself!

Recently my Simplicity started petering out. I noticed a decrease in suction, and the red light on the side (indicates a problem) was on & I couldn't find the problem & decided it probably needed serviced (after 7 years of operation).

And THEN my Dyson started acting up! IT lost suction! Even the hose was acting weird! Then it started having power issues. It wouldn't turn on. Then it would turn on, but as soon as I put it in the upright position it would turn off.

So, the Oreck being the only operable vacuum in the house ... and not one I prefer on carpet ... I made the trip to the vacuum place yesterday with my Simplicity in tow. I was just going to get it serviced.

But there was this floor model ....

It was sparkly ....

And it spoke to me ....

Ok, it didn't actually speak to me.

The owner of the shop told me I would get a good trade value from my old Simplicity.

So I came home with this:

The Simplicity Synergy. You can read about it HERE.

It has rubber lined wheels. Lays completely flat. Metal foot pedal. Metal cord hook. Does carpet and hard floors. Separate hose power. TWO motors! LIFETIME belt! SEALED HEPA Filtration!
LED lights. And a SIX YEAR bumper to bumper warranty!

siiiiiiiiigh - I think I'm in love!

So, if you have also embarked on this journey... the quest for the perfect vacuum cleaner... look no further! I've tried the Bissel, the Hoover, the Oreck, the Dyson ...

OH and I just remembered! Between the Bissel & the Hoover I owned 3 different KIRBYs! Oh, I forgot about them! OH MY GOODNESS- what a royal pain those things were! UGH. Heavy. Cumbersome! And to use the hose...... wow. I really hated those things. And the reason why I had 3- they were all hand-me-downs. One refurbished from a friend. And the other 2 were from my MIL, who upgraded.

So anyways, I hope this helps you in your own quest to find the perfect vacuum! :)


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  1. Oh my good Lord!! You are the Queen of Vacuums! We had a hubby was sold when he found out that Simplicity "makes vacuums"!!

    Apparently, they also make lawnmowers...who knew?

    Anywho...our Simplicity lasted until last month...when our 8 year old broke it in half.

    Literally, right in half. Weirdest thing I ever saw.

    And now?

    A hand me down Kirby!

    Mama M.
    My Little Life