Thursday, June 11, 2009

A great day outside ...

I had big productive plans for today- clean house, paint the guest room, perhaps work a little bit on my landscaping project that has been sorely neglected for well over two weeks, plant a tree.....

But a little walk out into the back yard with my camera changed the whole day. One click turned into another, and then another... First there was the turtle in the wading pool-

Then the wild roses in bloom -

The not-so-wild roses in bloom-

And since I had my camera in tow and had to feed/water the chickens and the ducks, well, I decided to take pictures of them too-

And the Kitties -

Taz- was completely wild when we got her, but now she's the one doing figure-8s around my ankles every-stinking-time I step out the door! Also- last spring she got stepped on by a cow, broke her butt in 3 places & lost most of her tail.

Sneezy- is 2 years old and had a cold for the first 18 months of his life. I finally hauled him into the vet and told them to keep him there and treat him until he was better. That worked out well! :)

There are lots of others I didn't get on camera... Bandit, Brewster, Lucky, Mystery, Princess, Cricket .... and 13 un-named kittens!

I also managed to snap a shot of Dixie the puppy -
I found myself on a big blanket in the front yard with my girls, my cats, my puppy & my camera! Oh, did we have fun!

********TO BE CONTINUED*********

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