Thursday, June 11, 2009

Click, click, click - I was so camera-happy today!

Being inspired by this post, I decided I really should take pictures of some of my GREAT finds from last Saturday's city-wide garage sales in Grant-

I found these great basket planters for $10 a piece... I wouldn't call these a *true* garage sale item as they were being sold retail by someone who was trying to reduce inventory.... still, I think I got a good deal on them.

and this set of 8 Pepsi-Cola glasses with a matching pitcher- I've always seen the Coca-Cola glasses, but I don't like Coke- and have always wanted a set that says Pepsi... who knew I'd find it at a garage sale!?!! :) I'm so pumped about this!
I also got an ice cream maker for $5, but I'll spare you the photo as it just isn't as aesthetic as my other treasures!

A Queen-sized quilt for $5... had to talk them down from $10 b/c they were trying to sell 2 icky throw pillows with it that I had absolutely no use for... :)
This CUTE mirror for Kristen's room-

a hat that Kristen felt was necessary...

And this adorable bubble outfit for Kaila ...

And the hat that Kristen insisted on.... was worth it's weight in gold today for pictures!

This is my new kitty- Cleopatra-

And my sweet girls-

And now it's another new day & I think maybe I'll paint that guest room........ :)

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  1. Your little girls are adorable!

    Thank you soo much for responding to me on blogfrog and giving me the sites to go to. I really appreciate it, and took it to heart. I went to the site and will look into reading that book :)