Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yes, as a matter of fact, Heaven IS for real...

And what source might I base this bold claim on...?

Brace yourself.





Yes, it's true, the Bible ...
tells us about Heaven!

I don't know about you, but I believe the Bible
and it is enough for me!

I believe that the Bible is the Revelation of God
through His Son Jesus Christ.

"The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.
We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son,
who came from the Father, full of grace and truth." John 1:14

Jesus was the physical embodiment of the Word of God.
Everything in Scripture points us to Jesus.

God gave us the Bible so that we would know Him.
Everything He wants us to know is in His Word.

What He wants me to know about sin,
is in the Bible.

What He wants me to know about Love,
is in the Bible.

What He wants me to know about forgiveness,
is in the Bible.

What He wants me to know about money,
is in the Bible.

What He wants me to know about Heaven ....

well you guessed it-

it's in the Bible!

So you may be wondering what exactly my point is?

and other books like it?

No, I'm not.

I simply want to point you back to Jesus.

If we truly long to know what God wants us to know
about Heaven then why not go to the ultimate source-

And what do we find when we go there?

It's interesting that the only account in Scripture
of a man going to Heaven and then coming back down to Earth
was Paul...

What is it that we're looking for
when we read a book like "Heaven is for Real"?

Are we looking for a sign?

"A wicked and perverse generation will seek a sign" Matthew 16:4

What should we be looking for?

Let's look for Jesus.

"Does this book say anything significant or of substance
about Jesus Christ or his atoning work on the cross?"
-Bill Wright (my Sunday School teacher)

"The Burpo family offers us confidence,
through their experience,
that what God says is true.
This proof is exactly the kind of proof
we should not need
and should not want.
If hope is to be found in any person,
it will be found in the person of Christ.
It is the Spirit working through the Word
who will give us confidence in our faith.
And what is faith?
It is simply believing that what God says is true.
We do not need tales of heaven
or stories of those who claim to have been there.
If God's Word is not sufficient for you,
if the testimony of his Spirit, given to believers,
is not enough for you,
you will not find any true hope
in the unproven tales of a child.
This hope may last for a moment,
but it will not sustain you, it will not bless you,
in those times when hope is waning and times are hard."

Let me challenge you to immerse yourself in GOD'S WORD!

When you go to outside sources for spiritual nourishment
scrutinize every word against scripture!

If it lines up with Scripture
it will always point you to Jesus
and what He did on the cross.

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  1. You are entitled to your opinion, but I would have to disagree. You haven't read the books so how can you judge what is in them? Yes, I believe the Bible and yes the Bible is enough for me. But reading both of these books have brought peace to me and encouragement. I am not saying that they are more important than the Bible. I am not putting them at the same level of the Bible. They are biographies about two people and I read them just as I would have read any other book and take from it what I wanted to. I don't think they turn people away from the Bible...if anything they make people want to know more about the Bible and what it says. Plus, I would much rather read these than "Twilight" series. :) In my opinion both of these books "Heaven is for Real" and " 90 Minutes in Heaven" are worth your read. Form your own opinion after you have read them, not by listening to others who may have a biased opinion because of their experience with certain people.

  2. Truly you are right that the Bible should be enough for us, but what's wrong with a little more convincing after all the Bible was written by people that we have never met long before any of our times and with all the translations and through the years do we know that exactly what was wriiten was translated correctly....of course not...that is if you are honest with yourself!!

  3. Dear Anonymous #1,

    Hi Mom. ;)

    This post is in regards to one book and I did read it.

    I would argue that you are experiencing a false peace. True peace can be found in God’s Word, which is objective. The Burpo’s story, while heart-warming, is completely subjective.

    A biography is “the written history of a person’s life. “Heaven is For Real” is the written account of retold memories of a 4 year old of a specific event in his life.

    “This then is THE primary problem I see with this (in and of itself) innocuous little tome. The problem is NOT whether Colton might have had some genuine sort of experience of Heaven or not. The problem is (as is evidenced both in the book itself several times – AND by one or two people I’ve spoken with personally) that we are willing to find more comfort and encouragement about the reality of Heaven and some of its supposed features – from the subjective experience of a gravely ill little boy – than we are from the Bible and God’s own revelation of these things. It is as though the Holy Spirit’s revelation is inadequate for us.
    The problem isn’t as much with the book and its material itself – the problem is what it reveals about us! That we know so little of what the Bible teaches about this subject, and are so little interested what God has to say about it – or are so little comforted by it – that we will find our hope rather in Colton’s experience.” ~Reid Ferguson

    I certainly did not read any of the Twilight books for any sort of spiritual nourishment! If you want to put “Heaven is For Real” on the same level as the Twilight series that’s fine by me! I would actually recommend that people do read “Heaven is For Real” as a fictional, feel-good, for entertainment purposes only story.

    My opinion is based on the bias of Scripture. “Heaven is For Real” does not line up with God’s Word and is not theologically sound.

    Love Ya! ☺

  4. I agree with your original post, completely. :)

  5. For anyone who reads and believes this book, I have a bridge for sale.
    My concern is the credulousness of the American public.