Wednesday, February 10, 2010

$867 later .......

We have visited the Dentist 4 times in the last month. Yesterday was hopefully the last time for a while!

The first visit was due to Kyler having pain in a filling. Turns out the filling had come loose and had to be re-done.

TWO days later- Kyler informs me that a different filling on the other side of his mouth fell out completely! That would constitute our second trip.

Third trip was actually a scheduled routine cleaning for all of us. At which time it was determined that we would need to come back for more fillings and a minor procedure for Kyler's gap.

Fourth trip was yesterday. Kristen had 2 fillings, Kyler had 1 filling and his "frenum" (sp?) clipped. He was pretty nervous about getting it done, but was a real trooper & didn't even shed a tear! It was not at all what I thought it was going to be. I had in my mind that he was going to clip the actual gum between Kyler's 2 front teeth. Rather, it was a stretch of skin that came down
from the lip that attaches to the gum. And furthermore, it may not even cause the gap to come together. Which is totally why I had it done in the first place! sigh.

So at some point in the near future I am going to visit this blog & do some reading up on gaps and frenum-clipping. I sure hope it was worth what I paid for it!

Of course it's probably nothing compared to what my in-laws spent on hubby's pearly whites - if only we all could have teeth this beautiful!!!

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